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How the Gus Mike football betting strategy works?

This beeting strategy requires a group of football matches, all having the dame starting hour. All the matches from this group should be available for live betting on your favorite online bookie. We strongly recommend to use Betfair Exchange or other exchange bookies due to superior odds and risk free of having your account limited or suspended.

The main two differences between a 'regular' online betting agency and an exchange one: greater odds and no account limitation or suspension due to making a profit or using a certain profitable football betting strategy.

A group of suitable matches would include between 2 and 5 live football events. Our main focus will be to place Over 0.5 goals at half time bets for each of the football march that you have in the group. 

We will not disclose the algorithm that we use for selecting those matches, however you can receive emails for each betting opportunity that appears using one of our subscription services. Check out our Pricing section for more details.

In order to better explain the Gus Mike football betting strategy, we will show an example with 3 random fictive football matches that are starting at the same time. Please note that this is a long term strategy, so if you are not a disciplined bettor or if you are looking to win big money quickly, then this football betting strategy is not suitable for you.
Over 0.5 Goals at HT

Min '0:    100 / 1.40 = 71.42%
Min: '30: 100 / 3.00 = 33.33%

-38.09% Difference
Over 1.5 Goals at HT

Min '0:   100 / 2.30 = 43.47%
Min '30: 100 / 12.00 = 8.33%

-35.14% Difference
As you can see, the difference between the odds at the start of the match and the odds after 30 minutes of play is quite big. Even if the teams have only 15 minutes to play (out of 45), the mathematical chances for a goal to be scored are basically the same as those from the start of the match. Only that now we get significantly bigger odds. The beauty of this strategy is that it doesn't matter who will score one or two goals. You will win regardless.

The Over 2.5 Goals at HT is also an option, but a much riskier one since not that many matches have 3 or more goals scored by half time. It's important to know that for this type of bet the odds may reach even to 1.000 if no goal is scored by the 40 minute or so. Of course that the chances are extremely low that 3 goals to be scored in 5 minute plus the 1-3 minutes of extra time. But you can get the 100 odds sonner in the match. It's up to you if you want to go for this type of bet. My recomendations are Over 0.5 HT and Over 1.5 HT.

In order for the strategy to work you need to chose more than one match. The ideal number is 3 to 5 matches, or even more if it's possible. If you want to find out how to chose the matches that are suitable for this strategy or even to get notified via email when such matches are available please visit the Pricing section.

The Gus Mike football betting strategy works on any bookmaker, but due to restrictions and account limitations that most 'regular' online betting agencies apply to bettors that win more than they lose, it's highly recommended to use exchange betting agencies such as Betfair. You will pay a commision for you winnings but from my personal experience it's definitely worth it.

Services and subscriptions

The full Gus Mike football betting strategy Ebook can be purchased from the Pricing section. In the Ebook you will find how to chose your football matches, what stakes you should bet and other useful information.

For those of you who don't want to spend time on a daily basis looking for suitable football matches to bet on, you can chose one of the available subscriptions trough which you are notified via email when such opportunites appear along with the Betfair links for each match/market. The email will be send only if the matches are suitable for the Gus Mike betting strategy and only if none of the teams scored by that minute. For the livescore services I use and strongly recommend Flashscore.

If you have any questions please leave us a message trough our contact form.